Thursday, July 11, 2013

$50 Grocery Challenge: Spent $47.21 total

It didn't feel like I got much for my money this week.  It is enough to last the week with what I have on hand, but it just don't seem like there is much there.  I still need to buy some sorbet and a couple of other things with the extra money leftover.  I will post the rest after I buy them.

Naturally Nested Eggs  2.00
Bacon  98 cents
Natural ground beef  2.49
Pork link sausages  33 cents
Chorizo sausage  95 cents
Broccoli  45 cents
Cauliflower  1.45
Santa claus Melon  1.68
Roma Tomatoes  98 cents
Gluten Free Cookie  1.58  (for a friend, not for us)
Buckwheat flour  1.73
Sea Salt  44 cents
Bag refund of 10 cents

Total  $14.97

Gallon of skim milk  2.99
Organic Cottage Cheese, reduced  50 cents
Lemons  2 at 44 cents each
Hot House Cucumber  1.29
Ranier Cherries 3.17
Cantaloupe  1.63
Strawberries  1.25
Bulk Hutterite Potatoes  2.46
Romano cheese wedge  2.59
Blueberries  2.50
Artisan Lettuce  1.50

Total  $20.76

Total so far...$35.73

Sorbet  3.00
Masa Harina  34 cents  (for homemade corn chips)
Cottage cheese  - Two 24 oz. cartons at 1.50 each
Single serving potato chips  39 cents
Raisins  1.38
Bananas  60 cents
Strawberries  1.25
Bulk Potatoes  1.52

Total for this part:  11.48

Grand total:  $47.21

How did you do this week?  Did you stay in your budget or get any good deals?

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  1. I just found your blog and this is so motivating. I need to lower our grocery bill. Thank you for this.