Thursday, June 6, 2013

Simple Savings: Some Simple Ideas

Here a some ideas to consider:

1.  Buy clothes off-season.

2.  Buy generics.

3.  Eat your leftovers.

4.  Take care of what you have so it will last longer.

5.  Get your furnace checked in the summer when business is slow.

6.  Reuse something you have instead of buying new.

7.  Have a potluck with friends instead of going out.

8.  Sell what you don't need or use any more.

9.  Plant a garden.

10.  Do full loads of laundry.

11.  Wash hair every other day or wash clothes only when dirty or smelly.

12.  Contribute to an IRA or 401K to save on taxes and also save for your future as well.

13.  Cancel magazine subscriptions, cable or newspaper subscription.

14.  Switch to florescent bulbs.

15.  Cut hair at home.

16.  Skip vices like smoking and alcohol.

17.  Cut your land line.

18.  Sell one of your cars.

19.  Eat foods in season when they are cheapest.

20.  Make a list before shopping and stick to it.


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