Monday, June 17, 2013

Conquer Clutter: Clever Idea When Moving

My husband went to see some friends off before they left town and ended up having a really fun time.  It was a potluck.  They played a game afterwards, kind of like a white elephant game, where they had bags of stuff that they weren't going to move.  One at a time, each person had the chance to choose a bag or you could take a bag that someone else had previously opened.  My husband ended up with a bag from their junk drawer:  pens, pencils and unfinished punch cards from restaurants around town.  The punch cards were something we definitely would use.  The pens went to school to be put in a box for students to use.  Some of the pencils will be donated to the high school and some will be used by our daughter.  Some of the other bags had a gallon of Windex, a plant, half of a bottle of olive oil, shortening and molasses, etc.  What a very clever way to share things you aren't going to move and make a game out of it!

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