Monday, April 15, 2013

Simple Savings: Drive You Car Until It Dies

This post is very timely.  We had to take the "Millennial Falcon" in to the shop today.  It is leaking oil, coolant, is overheating, etc.  The car is 13 years old and has been driven over half of the United States on trips.  So, the "biggest hunk of junk" in the universe has finally died.  Because we paid cash for the car and drove it until it died, it gave us the opportunity to save up money for a nice, used car that we got from a friend a couple of years ago.  Only one problem... the other car isn't big enough to haul a drum set! 

If you have been towing with the idea of keeping or getting rid of a car, save the money you would have spent purchasing another car and put it in the bank, and drive your car a bit longer.  Paying cash is a wonderful feeling and it helps you appreciate the car even more when you have to sacrifice to save up for it. 

(I thought of putting an ad in the paper "looking for a Hans Solo" to see if we could find someone who wanted to try to fix it themselves, but I didn't feel right selling a car with so many problems.)

A can see a future post on car sharing coming up.

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