Friday, April 12, 2013

$50 Grocery Challenge: Spent $49.68

This week was one where I really didn't want to stick to my list or budget.  If it hadn't been for the grocery clerk in the store, I wouldn't have.  He saw me looking at the screen of how much I spent and asked if I wanted to take something off.  I told him that I was concerned I was going to go over my budget.  He said that he knows what it is like to be on a budget and helped me to make it work out.  So, thanks to him I stayed in my budget again.  I bought the following:

Garbanzo beans  3 at 69 cents each
Chicken broth   2 at 1.06 each
Lime  69 cents
Lemons  2 at 25 cents each
Green Chilies  68 cents
Avocado  1.29
Farm Eggs  2.99
Store brand orange juice  1.99
Organic skim milk  3.49
Organic carrots  2 at 1.19 each
Strawberries  2 at 99 cents each
Organic feta cheese  3.99
Tomatoes  1.15
Onions  46 cents
Organic apples  7.05  (yikes!  They won't even be enough for the week!)
Wild rice blend  1.77
Brown Jasmine Rice  1.00
Gluten  16 cents
Cornmeal  18 cents
Buckwheat flour  93 cents
Grapefruit  2 at 44 cents each
Bananas  1.12
Chicken breast  1.29
Chicken breast 1.44
Smoked sausage  1.89
Boneless sirloin chops 1.34
Pork link sausage  39 cents
Grass fed beef  2 at 94 cents each
Grass fed beef  1.73
2 slices of bacon  85 cents

Total:  $49.68

How did you do this week?  Did you score some good deals or stay in your budget?  Link up and share!

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