Friday, March 29, 2013

Simplifying Christmas: The $100 Challenge for 2013

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I thought that I had already written a post and included the money I have saved so far for Christmas.  I am starting with the $100 out of pocket and then adding any money made by the following:

1.  Selling items we have and no longer need.

2.  Anything free or bartered.

3.  Anything earned from credit card rewards.

4.  Any misc. income opportunities that are not part of our regular income.

I started earlier this year to give me enough time to save as much as I can.  This is my list so far this year:

1.  Two Free Walmart gift cards for $25 each

2.  Free Darden Gift card from credit card points  $25

3.  Participated in a study for 2 hours   $125

4.  Sold stuff at a consignment shop   $40

5.  Sold stuff at a thrift store  $18

6.  Sold stuff at a sports consignment shop   $58

Total so far of cash and gift cards:  $291  (plus my original $100 out of pocket cash) for a grand total of 416.

I will keep updating this as needed.  By starting earlier in the year, it decreases stress.  I just set aside money as I get it.  By the time the holidays are here, I plan to use whatever I have saved and have another debt free Christmas. 

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