Friday, March 1, 2013

$100 Christmas Challenge for 2013: Homemade Gifts??

I have been trying to think of what I want to do for Christmas this year.  I know it is a LONG time away, but if I want to make homemade gifts, it will take some time.  I also thought of doing a USED Christmas where people buy used items or give something of theirs that is used.  I am also considering another $100 out of pocket challenge this year.  That means that I will spend:

1.  Use $100 cash from our budget.

2.  Use any free gift cards, etc. from credit card rewards.

3.  Use money made from selling things we have and don't need or want any more.  

4.  Anything that was free or bartered for.  

I have thought of making homemade gifts this year, but I will need to check with the family to see what their thoughts are.  I have steered away from homemade gifts a lot in the past, because I didn't want to clutter someone's house up with one more thing they don't need.  But, you can make some nice consumable things like jam, homemade bread, etc.  You can also make practical things like quilts.  I know someone, Suzan, who makes absolutely beautiful cards.  That would be a wonderful idea for a gift in my mind, especially for my mother in law who loves cards.  I found a few other ideas here. 

Photo from

 This is a fortune cookie craft.  You make fortune cookies and put messages inside.  They use fabric for their fortune cookies, but I would make real fortune cookies if I tried this.

This is another idea I found:

This snuggle blanket with sleeves looks like something that could be used in the winter when it is freezing here.

Photo from

And, of course there are the gifts in a jar.

The thing I would enjoy most of all was seeing what people came up with.  Last year, several of our kids gave homemade or thoughtful gifts and some didn't cost any money at all.  I enjoy seeing people be creative. 

Have you ever done a homemade Christmas?  How did it go?  What are some of the things you made that people enjoyed?  Would you recommend making homemade gifts? 

I would sure love some ideas!

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