Saturday, January 12, 2013

Master the Mess in a Month: Day 10

Today I worked on some closets downstairs and also did the Master bathroom upstairs.  I wasn't originally planning on doing both, but it went quicker than I had thought it would in the time I set aside to declutter and clean.

In our shower, we have men's body wash for my husband, shampoo and soft soap.  That is it.  We could do down to just soft soap and shampoo or even down to just one bottle of a body wash/shampoo combo, but for now we are content.  If you use conditioner, you could try a shampoo/conditioner combo to save yourself an extra bottle in the shower.  It is easier to clean the shower when there aren't many things to move.  Imagine how easy it would be if you only had one bottle for everything!  I don't use bar soap because it is messier than soft soap.  I don't like the soap film in the tub and I don't like the way my skin feels after using it.  You may be wondering about the cost difference?  Well, I would rather use less soft soap and get what I want.  I could even buy it on sale at a good price and stock up for the year.  I figure soft soap is cheaper than body wash so that is also one of my rationale.  Some people like to buy whatever is one sale.  We tried that for a while, but found that there are certain brands that we really prefer over others.  My shopping is much easier as I know exactly what I want and I know what to look for in the sales ads instead of just getting anything cheap.  But,  if I had to work in a very limited budget, I would do whatever I had to so I could live on what we make and not go into debt.
 This is the narrow closet in the bathroom.
 The sink area is outside of the bathroom.  We keep extra shampoo, body wash, soap and lotion here.  We keep a blow dryer, curling iron, brush, make up, etc. in the other drawers. 

Our games closet has games that we play regularly.  There is one puzzle we could get rid of, but the rest are puzzles that we enjoy doing over and over.
 This closet has our Christmas stuff and we also keep paint cans with leftover paint of current colors in our home in here. 
 This last closet is the catch all closet.  It has buckets of kid's stuff that will leave with them when they graduate from college or get married, toys that I want to save for future grand children to play with, our cooler, suitcases, etc.  I am just fine having a closet like this with misc. things in it as long as it doesn't get too cluttered and disorganized.  It is good to go through it regularly since this is a closet that houses things that we don't know where to put anywhere else. 

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