Saturday, January 12, 2013

Simple Savings: Shop AFTER the Season

Buy Christmas paper, decorations, candy, etc. after Christmas for significant savings.  You can do the same with all of the holidays:  shop after the holiday for the next year.  As for candy, you can usually get chocolate for a great price, so why not chop up the chocolate and use it in chocolate chip cookies, etc.?  You can save Halloween candy bought after Halloween for Christmas stockings.  You can save pink and light green candies from Valentine's day and St. Patrick's day for Easter.  You can save red wrapped chocolates from Christmas for Valentine's day.  You can use M&M's from any time of the year to make cookies with M&M's instead of chocolate chips.  If you buy plain wrapping paper, you can use it for wrapping gifts of all kinds any time of year.  Be creative and realize that there are multiple ways things can be used. 

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