Friday, January 25, 2013

Conquer Clutter: Do You Really Use It?

Most of the things in our home are useful.  I do have a few things still that I like but don't use.  I have a few scarves that I used to wear.  They are very pretty, but I haven't worn them for years.  I also have an old nightgown in the drawer that I never wear.  I need to start wearing them or think of getting rid of them.  This year, I am focusing on keeping what we use.  If we don't use it, it is time to find a new home where someone else can enjoy it.  After all, it is just taking up space and not very functional if it isn't being used.  It isn't the number of items you own that matters.  Each person has to find their own balance.  But, the things you own should have a place where they belong and they should be used.  If we have unfinished projects, finish them.  If we have broken items, fix them or they need to move on.  We should be able to find the scissors when we need them.  Do you have things in your home that you don't use?  Think of one thing today that you can donate or give to someone or get rid of that you don't use. 

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