Wednesday, January 9, 2013

$50 Grocery Challenge - Spent $50.41

My husband did the shopping again this week.  We only bought sale items:

5 jars of Pace Picante Sauce and Salsa 24 oz. at 1.79 each
4 jars of Jif Peanut butter at 2.49 each
14 cartons of yogurt at 38 cents each
12 Grapefruit at 33 cents each
2 cucumbers at 25 cents each
2 green peppers at 25 cents each
2 lb. block of Jack cheese and 2 lb block of CoJack cheese at 5.99 each
Apples  5.94
2 bags of potatoes (5lbs.) at 79 cents each

Total:  $50.41

How did you do this week?  Did you stay in your budget or get some good deals?  Link up and share!

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