Saturday, November 10, 2012

Extreme Cheapskates: Frugality vs. Dishonesty

TLC recently broadcast a new show called Extreme Cheapskates.  I have not seen the shows, but have seen some of the clips on the internet.  Sometimes people go too far, when trying to save money, and I would be as bold to say it is dishonest.  Here are a few examples:

Cheap date
Takes drink cup and popcorn bag from the trash and washes in the bathroom and goes to the concession stand for free refills.

This next example wasn't from Extreme Cheapskates, but I was disappointed when I saw it.  I can't believe that people would upload video clips like this. 

Eating at Costco - Buy one drink for a big family and each person drinks a refill.  They even put soda in the baby bottle to take with them.  She suggests filling up her container with onions, suggests taking toilet paper from the bathroom, suggests taking extra napkins on their way out. 

In the movie the Lion King, there is a line in the song, Circle of Life, that says "we should never take more than we give."  When you are trying to be frugal, remember there is a balance.  Think of how you would feel if you were on the other side and someone else was doing to you what you do to them.