Monday, November 5, 2012

Christmas Candy Train

Christmas Candy Train

(We will add a picture of the candy train once one of the Spendwise Moms make it in December)

I found this picture when I was cleaning out our files.  We used to make these candy trains when the kids were younger.  If you want to do a fun candy activity, but don't want to mess with making gingerbread for a house, try this for a change.  The picture above will show where the candies go. 

1.        Make frosting:  Egg White Recipe

3 egg whites (room temperature)

4 C. powdered sugar

½ tsp. cream of tarter

Beat all ingredients at high speed, 7-10 minutes.  Keep covered with a Damp Cloth to prevent drying out.

2.       Make base of train.  (Sturdy card board or cookie sheet)

6” x 22“ for a straight train or 14” x 16 “ for a curved train

Cover with Aluminum foil and tape underneath.

Spread some of the frosting all over on the top to look like snow.

3.       Construct track

A.      Cut 15 3” lengths for ties

Cut 2 21” lengths for tracks (you may need more depending on how you place the tracks

Cut 3 3” lengths for connectors

B.      Place railroad ties in place first gently pressing into frosting.

C.      Lay the two tracks on top of the ties, 2” apart.  Glue with a thin line of frosting.

4.       Construct Train – Three 3 Musketeer Bars.

A.       Leave one bar whole for the engine

B.      Cut one bar in half

C.      Cut one bar in 1/3 and 2/3

D.      Attach candy bars to track with frosting

E.       Take lifesavers and attach with frosting on ends of cars.  Then take licorice connectors and push into place. 

5.       Glue 18 Starlight mints as wheels with 6 on the engine car.

6.       Place remaining candy on train with frosting as pictured or create your own.

7.       Eat it!


36” strings of red or black licorice

Three 3 Musketeers bars

18 starlight mints

2 Tootsie rolls or licorice rolls

1 candy cane

1 mini lifesaver package or glue 4 together

1 Peanut butter cup

1 wrapped chocolate kiss

1 orange slice

1 small pack of M&M’s

Handful of malt balls

1 cinnamon bear

Extras:  Plastic decorating items like tree (or can use spearmint leaves), animals, snowman, Santa, sleigh, etc.

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