Monday, November 26, 2012

$50 Grocery Challenge: Spent $26.64 this week

Since I already planned my menu and shopping list, I decided to go shopping today and get it over with for the week.  Shopping didn't go as planned.  Some produce wasn't good and some was too expensive.  It will give me a chance to use up things from the fridge and freezer that I have instead, since I don't want to go back and do any more shopping for the week.  I bought the following:

Orange juice  2.49
Organic Skim milk  3.49
Cilantro  59 cents
Jalapeno pepper  13 cents
Lime  39 cents
Buttermilk  34 cents and 33 cents
Whipping cream 1.17
Canadian Bacon 1.88
Pepperoni  2 @ 1.78 each minus a dollar coupon when you buy 2
Turkey tenderloin  3.99
Italian sausage  1.38
Boneless chicken 3.17 and 1.56
Oat bran  1.44
Bag refund of 5 cents for bringing my own reusable bag

Total:  $26.64

How did you do this week?  Did you stay in your budget or get any good deals?  Link up and share!

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