Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Name Brand vs. Store Brand: Greek Yogurt

I thought it would be good to compare 'apples to apples'..or in this case, 'strawberries to strawberries', so I got the strawberry version of each of the Greek yogurts, rather than plain. The seven brands I tried in this test were Dannon Oikos, Fage, Yoplait, Kroger, Voskos, Brown Cow, and Chobani.

For results, go to the Dollar Stretcher.


  1. Oh wow, so very different results than what I prefer. How interesting to see how others perceive taste, texture, consistency, etc.
    i can barely tolerate Dannon. It gives me uncontrollable shivers & I honestly can't get it down without a fight.
    I love love love Chobani though. Right amount of tartness, palatable texture & an agreeable consistency I'm comfortable with.
    Fun taste test you had though!

  2. It's interesting there is such a difference! That's one of the hardest things about this test- there's just one of me to pick my favorite. :) But, if you liked Chobani, you might try the store brand. I thought they tasted about the same, and it's quite a bit cheaper.

    Another thing I've learned is that sometimes the only time you notice the difference is when you actually have all different kinds to pick from- I've had just about every kind separately, and liked it a lot. But, when I had them all together, the differences were amplified.

    Enjoy your Greek Yogurt, and thanks for the comment!