Friday, September 28, 2012

Conquer Clutter:

Image from Apartment Therapy

Things break.  Sometimes they get lost or torn or simply worn out.  Maybe you have a set of something that is missing some pieces or or have some extra lids that don't fit with any of the containers you have.  Maybe some things were ruined in the microwave.  Maybe there are some chips on dishes or mugs.  Maybe there are things that were useful at some point in your life, but just aren't useful any more.  Someone I know is selling their Kitchen Aid because it takes up a lot of counter space and she just doesn't use it very much.  She has a hand mixer and that will do the job just fine for what she needs.  Look around your kitchen and see if you have any of these things.  It may be time to let go or to replace with an updated one or replace with something else that is more useful to you now.

Image from All Kinds of Everything

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