Monday, August 6, 2012

Conquer Clutter: Learn Furoshiki

Photo from 6 Ways to Use a Furoshiki Cloth

I was looking at 365 less things today where she was talking about getting rid of the rest of her wrapping supplies.  In one of the comments, someone said that the Japanese value the wrapping as much as the gift.  So, I looked up Japanese gift wrapping.  It is called Furoshiki.  It is both eco-friendly and looks great.  You use cloth, which can be used over and over.  I got rid of most of my wrapping paper last year, but kept a little bit just in case.  Since I am giving checks and gift cards most of the time now, I really don't need the few bags or bows I have kept. I may just use them this year for people outside of our family instead of donating them and then they will be gone.  Here is a site with several ideas and this site shows you how to do a couple of different ways of Furoshiki in a short video (less than 3 minutes). 

Take some time and go through your gift wrapping supplies.  Do you really need them?  Are they taking up valuable space?  

Instead of all the waste we make at Christmas with papers, bows, etc. that can't be recycled, why not try something different?  You can even use scarves or themed material that they might enjoy.  You could probably even use dinner napkins, kitchen towels, table cloths or bath towels.  I think I may use some Star Wars cloth for my daughter, who is a Star Wars enthusiast, and then we can reuse it as wrapping or make it into a pillow case or quilt!  If you have young kids, Mickey Mouse, Cars, or whatever their favorite charters are would be fun for them. 

Photo from Traditional Furoshiki a Modern Eco-Savvy Art

What a fun new thing to try this year! 

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