Monday, April 23, 2012

$50 Grocery Challenge - Spent $43.44

I finally am doing my grocery shopping for last week. I got a lot of stuff for the money I spent, since I got $25 in free groceries when I got a prescription filled. This is what I ended up getting for the week:

Pita chips 5.79
Romaine Lettuce 3.39
Eggs 2.99
Bananas 1.53
Roma Tomatoes 91 cents
Tilamook cheese - white and kosher cheddar 8 oz packages - 12 packages at 1.29 each
Organic skim milk 3.39
10 pound hutterite yukon gold potatoes 3.49
Organic Carrots - 2 packages at 1.19 each
Green chilies - Two at 65 cents each
Gala apples 2.20
Onions 59 cents

All the rest of the groceries in the pictures were free: strawberries, watermelon, Boca burgers, chocolate milk, organic milk, cucumber, broccoli, green salsa, red salsa, etc.

I still have some money so I may buy some sour cream or something else with it. I don't really need it since I only have two more days before Wednesday shopping again.

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