Saturday, March 17, 2012

$25 Two Week Grocery Challenge: Make Your Own Bread, Snacks, etc.

One way I save a lot of money is by making things from scratch. I not only save money, but I know what is in my food and that is even more important to me. If your kids have a favorite processed cookie or snack, find a clone recipe on the internet and make it yourself with healthier ingredients. We like homemade tortilla chips, crackers, bread, tortillas, biscuits, muffins, and of course cookies! Once you have homemade treats and snacks, and the house is filled with a nice aroma, you may get hooked like us and not want to buy them again. A friend of mine recently told me that they buy their wheat bread from the Farmer's market for $7 per loaf. I can make my own fresh ground 100% whole wheat bread for about 18-25 cents a loaf. I have also make Olive Garden soups and other restaurant clone recipes for meals. We get the same good taste, but I use fresher ingredients and know exactly what is in my food.

What are some things that you make from scratch instead buying from the store?

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  1. homemade bread is a great suggestion! It's such a money saver! And it doesn't even have to be hard, since you can find a good breadmaker on craigslist (or even new online) for less than $50.

    My husband used to go through $13 of bagels a week. We bought a $50 breadmaker and get the 25 or 50 pound bag of bread flower at costco and now spend just $1.50 to have fresh bread at home. And no preservatives!