Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Small Steps to Healthier Eating

I think we eat pretty well. I cook most of our meals from scratch. But, there are some small things I have been doing to improve the quality of the food we eat. For example, when I made Oatmeal muffins this morning, I used whole wheat flour instead of white. I also had a fresh squeezed orange instead of bottled or frozen orange juice. We are trying to eat salads at dinner time most nights before we eat the main dish. I made whole wheat rolls yesterday with the Lion House roll recipe. I stopped buying processed snacks and made my own. I am now trying to replace homemade snacks with fruits, nuts and veggies. I am trying to avoid buying food with high fructose corn syrup. We try to use fresh fruits and veggies whenever we can, then use frozen next and canned as a last resort. If you are used to having cold cereal in the morning, try making hot cereal. It doesn't take very long and you can add fresh fruit and nuts to it or raisins or other dried fruit. We are trying to include more beans and less meat. We plan to limit our meat, but not to get rid of it completely. These are small steps, but they do make a difference.

Note: If you are not used to eating wheat, take it slow. Mix white and wheat and gradually change to whole wheat. You can have some unpleasant digestive side effects if you change too fast if your body isn't used to it. I would do the same with beans, too. Eat a little at a time until you get used to it.

What are some things that you have done to eat a healthier diet? Link up and share or leave a comment below.

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