Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Conquer Clutter: Just Move!

Yesterday I didn't really feel motivated to clean at all. I wanted to just sit down and enjoy a book. But, I decided to just move and do something. I worked on my kitchen cupboards and took everything out
of each one, wiped down the cupboards and put back the things I wanted to keep. There wasn't much to get rid of, but I labeled a few canned foods. I like to label my cans with a Sharpie and make the date bigger where I can see it easily. There were a few things that need to be used soon and I thought of ideas of how I wanted to include them in menus in the next week or two. I didn't really enjoy doing it at first, but put on some music and kept going. I have a few drawers and 2 cupboards left for today. But, as I open my cupboards, I love having them clean and know that all the food is good and there is nothing in the cupboards that has expired. Just doing it helps motivate you to keep going when you don't really want to because of the good feeling of having things clean and knowing exactly what you have and that you have kept only what you really want.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for this post today. I needed it! I haven't done much of anything all week! (call it lazy or call it pregnant, who knows, but I feel crappy about it)

    :) Going to put music on and do something NOW!