Wednesday, February 1, 2012

$50 Weekly Grocery Challenge: Spent $46.81

Avocados - Two @ 69 cents each
Broccoli 72 cents
Green Grapes 1.94
Red Grapes 3.30
oranges 1.40
Buckwheat Groats - 2.07
Couscous 36 cents
Gluten 59 cents
Wild Rice 64 cents
Raw Sunflower seeds 28 cents
Spelt flour 90 cents

Total so far...$13.58

I will go shopping tomorrow morning and get the rest of my groceries. Today was a busy day. I will update the post when I am done.

Next Trip: Walmart (picture will be posted later tonight)

Green leaf lettuce 1.78
Romaine Lettuce 1.78
2 lb. carrots Two @ 1.48 each
Pineapple 2.98
Lemons Three @35 cents each
Ricotta Cheese 1.94
Shredded Parmesan blend cheese Two @ 2.42 each
Orzo 1.28
Fettuccine 1.08
Ziti 1.08
Tomato sauce 34 cents

I matched ads for the following:

Tropicana Orange Juice 2.49
Mushrooms 1.39
Grape tomatoes Two @ 99 cents each
Hidden Valley Salad Dressing Two @ 1.69 each
Mayonnaise 2.88

Total 33.23 spent at Walmart

Grand Total: 46.81 I may just go buy a package of organic cheese if I can find one for 3.19 or less!

How did you do this week? Did you get some good deals or stay in your budget? Link up and share!

How did you do this week?


  1. You really did get some great stuff this week, and I love how healthy everything is. Great job!

    Thank you for linking up your savings at the Weekly Savings Linky @ Frugality Is Free.

  2. I love all the fresh produce on such a tight budget!

    Thanks for linking up with Wednesday Weekly Shopping at Frugal Follies!  Have a great week!