Friday, February 17, 2012

$5 Weekly Pantry Challenge - Spent $5.20

Bio: Nicki is one of the Spendwisemoms. She is going to post about the $5 pantry challenge from now on. She was married in the past year and is a full time student. They are on a very tight budget, but want to stock up their pantry little by little.

Here is her first post:

My goal with the weekly pantry challenge is to build our family's one month supply of food. Hopefully I can make a dent in it bit by bit. This week, I could have put back one of the cans of corn, but I'll just spend 20 cents less next week to make up for it.

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  1. I love this new feature! I often feel like I don't have enough money to "deepen" the pantry as we are becoming free of debt. This is very encouraging- thanks! Angela