Thursday, January 26, 2012

Conquer Clutter: The Ironing Closet

Some of you may enjoy ironing, but I certainly wouldn't put it on my top 10 list. My husband even bought me a very expensive iron that some women at is work said was wonderful. I heard a friend of mine say that it was the "Cadillac of irons". It is a great iron, but I still lack the motivation. There are about 15-20 things in our ironing closet at present. Some of them haven't been worn for over a year because I don't want to iron them unless I really need them. I can declutter and stay on top of lots of things, but ironing and pictures are two exceptions. Another family member has helped with the pictures, so that was great. But, I am on my own with the ironing. I need to set a time limit to go through the closet and iron it or pass it on. I try to buy things that I don't have to iron, but sometimes you can't avoid it. If any of you have some ironing that you have hidden, ignored or conveniently blocked out of your mind, get it out and see what it is. Hopefully it wasn't something that you kids have grown out of or something that doesn't fit you any more. Actually, that might make the decision a little easier if it was. You can just donate or sell it and not have to worry about it any more!


  1. My ironing pile is huge. It is mostly my husband's shirts, and needs to be weeded through. So many of them still have a few wearings left and I don't like to throw them out, but they aren't in good enough shape to pass on to someone else.

    I like the idea of an ironing closet - will have to think about how to accomplish this. It is a better solution than a basket or a chair where things get more wrinkled while they wait.

  2. I only iron fabric for my quilts. I used to tell Hubby.. DONT TAKE YOUR JACKET OFF AT CHURCH.. Only the front was ironed..
    I have found that if I take the clothes out of the dryer the INSTANT they dry or off the clothes line and after pollen season is gone I hang out all year long.. So basically you dont need to iron. You can just refresh in the dryer for a few seconds.