Monday, January 2, 2012

Conquer Clutter: Getting the Husband on Board

I don't know if your husband is like mine, but there are a lot of other things he would rather do than to go through stuff. He loves to have our home decluttered, but doesn't like going through the process. I am glad he is the way he is, but I had to find a way to get through some of his stuff with his help. We decided to do a 15 minute trade. He will go through stuff for 15 minutes per week if I do something he wants me to do for 15 minutes, even if it is something I don't like to do either. Guess who is ironing some shirts this week? I HATE to iron shirts. It will be nice though, to get something done that I want as well as get something done I have been very unmotivated to do.

Some steps when working with family members who don't like to declutter:

Find a win-win solution. It will be different for everyone, but find something where both parties feel like they are winning.

Break up the task into small parts. For example, one week I may have my husband go through his ties or my daughter go through a drawer. It isn't as overwhelming for them if you do it this way. Focus on the fact that you are making progress, but just slow things down where they can do things at a slower speed.

Declutter anything that doesn't belong to someone else by yourself. There is no reason to drag them into family clutter if they have a hard time just going through their own stuff. As you go through family stuff, if you find things that belong to them, set them aside and then involve them in the decisions about what to keep.

What thing have you done in your family to get others involved and motivated to declutter things? Link up and share your ideas!

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