Friday, January 6, 2012

Book Review: The Millionaire Next Door

Here's another top 5 finance books review! The Millionaire Next Door was a great book with lots of research about how people who are real 'millionaire's live, including what kinds of cars they buy, where they buy their clothes, etc. If you're looking for a finance book with straightforward steps, this may not be a good book, but it does give some tips for making sure you are living like a millionaire.

Overall, the people who seem like they are rich are not the ones that are- in fact, you may even have a millionaire living next door, in your average neighborhood. They won't drive a nice car, or even buy nice clothes, or make a large amount of money each year. The key to becoming a millionaire is to live within your means, and save. People who make lots of money, but then spend it all on expensive cars, etc. 

Like I mentioned before, this book has lots of research in it, and is very interesting! I used to think that as we made more money, I would want to increase our 'standard of living', including a bigger house, nice new furniture, nicer cars, etc. But, I've since decided that I like living comfortably, and that I am just as happy without those things! While I don't think it is bad to buy nice things, I have found that I really don't need all the things I thought I needed. I really like the idea of being the millionaire next door, even if it means I drive my old green minivan for years to come.  

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