Thursday, December 15, 2011

Simple Savings - The REAL TRUTH

I get tired of reading blogs where they go on and on telling how much they saved. The problem is that you don't look at the real truth when you make those claims. For example, if I buy Tide detergent for $5 and I get 25 loads out of it, I am paying 20 cents a load. I usually use 1/2 to 1/3 as much soap as they say, so I am really getting 50 loads or paying 10 cents a load. If I were to buy the travel size tide for one dollar and get 80 percent off, I am still paying 20 cents a load. But, I could make the claim that I saved $20 on tide, because I am getting 80 percent off of 25 loads. But, no one in their right mind would pay $25 for travel size tide packets when you can get the same amount for only $5 in a larger container. So, they focus should be on how much they spend, not what they say their percentage of savings is. In fact, they may not be saving much at all if the store brand costs less than the name brand with a coupon. Don't get sucked into false claims. It makes people feel better that they get a great deal, but you aren't even adding up the cost of the coupons, time it takes to cut out coupons, extra time to shop, etc. either. I would never build a room for toothpaste in my house, like the guy on extreme couponing. He will never use that much toothpaste in his life, so why not build a room for your family to enjoy? Or, don't build the room and save yourself all that money and pay for the toothpaste you need at regular price? You will still come out ahead in the long run if you add the price of the room with the low cost he spent on the toothpaste. Add to that the cost of wear and tear on your vehicles having them outside instead of in a garage because you have so much soda, toilet paper, etc. that you can't fit them in. Even if I get more for my money when I go to an all you can eat place, is it good for my health to overeat regardless of how much extra food I get for my money? You need to see the whole picture, not just listen to claims that aren't really the whole truth.

I prefer to save my time for more important things than shopping and deals and I prefer to make my money stretch by using half as much Tide instead.


  1. I agree with you to an extent. Before I started couponing I rarely bought name brand and I was spending a ridiculous amount of money almost $200 per week. Now I buy whatever is cheapest (name brand, product with coupons, off brand, etc). Yes, I spend time clipping coupons, organizing, and planning my trips; but I have also cut my spending (just under $80/week...WOO HOO!!!) and I am able to feed my family better. I am by no means extreme. My stockpile consists of 1 small linen closet with canned goods (not 100 bottles of mustard or wall of 400 paper towels). I do not buy things just because they are free (unless I plan to donate them). I think the importance needs to be placed on being a smart and informed shopper. But I definitely agree that some people take what I would call a deceptive course to prove their savings. Just like when people include reward bucks, gift cards, register rewards when they receive can those possible be figured into your savings before you use them? They figure them twice because they will include them after they spend them as well...that doesn't make sense to me

  2. Erika, Thanks for your comment. It seems like you have figured out a great system for your family without going to extremes. We can all glean good things from what other people do and find what works best for ourselves. When I stopped doing coupons, and I am not trying to criticize those who do, I found that I was spending the same amount ($50 per week)and eating healthier. I gave away a lot of the things I used to buy with coupons because we didn't like eating stuff like that. I have tried to find simpler, less expensive, more eco-friendly ways to do things. I am glad you feel comfortable sharing your opinion especially for those who have similar ideas as yours.

  3. I love reading all the tips, updates, and resources found on this site. I am still learning a lot. And I definitely agree that the majority of the coupons are for "junk". But that is probably why I can't save huge amounts of money since nothing beats fresh produce and meat in my opinion ;)