Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December Christmas Challenge

Yesterday I wrote about the Use It Up challenge for my freezer for December. I am also going to do a cash only challenge for Christmas - if I use a credit card, (sometimes you can't get a sale price unless you use a credit card) I go home and write a check immediately for the purchase. There will be no unpaid bills after Christmas. Everything will be paid for upfront or have a check waiting in the drawer whenever the statement comes in the mail. I saw something about a woman that buys her children all kinds of things they can't afford for Christmas. It takes her until September of the next year to pay for it. She wants her kids to have all the cool toys so other kids will think they are so lucky. I think it is a recipe for disaster. It is sad when people live their lives trying to look good in the eyes of others. They are not being honest with themselves or with others when they buy things they cannot afford on credit.

I hope you will join me in this challenge. You will be very grateful on December 26th if you do. It feels so good not to have any unpaid bills and I can tell you by experience that it is worth it.

Do you have a Christmas budget? Do you stay in it? Do you pay cash each Christmas or do you have bills waiting for you after the holidays are over?

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