Friday, October 21, 2011

Is There A Better Way?

We just took our recycling to the recycling center tonight. As I put it in the bins, I can see what we use and take a minute to see if there are things I can change to do a better job.

I find that something I have done in the past few months is to ask myself if there is a better way before moving ahead. For example, when I make lunches in the morning, I am used to using plastic bags after years of doing it. Now, I stop and ask myself if I can put it in a plastic container and save the bag. I hate to wash bags and I don't want to add to the trash in the world if I can avoid it. If it is something that can't go into a container, I will put it in the bag and wash and reuse it. But, I try to find a better way that is easier for me and more eco-friendly as well as save money in the long run.

Before I throw things in the trash, I look to see if they can be recycled. It takes a little more time, but I feel much better trying to recycle rather than just waste.

I am starting to notice what kind of packaging things come in, turn down the offer for plastic bags when I buy things, and be more careful in general about what I am using.

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  1. You make a very good point about taking a closer look at our habits.