Tuesday, October 18, 2011

$50 Grocery Challenge - Spent $49.05


Bacon 72 cents
Lamb 8.99 (this was a major splurge; it wasn't on the list and isn't in the menu plan)
Ham 5.00
Chicken Breasts 3.23
Hard Salami 1.57

Total $19.51

Town and Country:

Jumbo Pasta Shells 2.87
Italian Parsley 59 cents
Orzo 1.95
Garlic - 2 bulbs 60 cents
Sliced Olives 93 cents
Frigo 3 cheese tub 2.49
Ricotta cheese 2.69
Purple Potatoes 1.5 lbs. 2.49
Eggs 1.99

Total spent at Town and Country $16.60

Not pictured:

Organic Carrots 3.99
Crisco Canola Oil 64 oz. 4.99
12 grapefruits @ 3/99 cents 3.96

Total not pictured: $12.94

Grand total for the week: $49.05

Did you get some good deals or stay in your budget this week? Link up and share!


  1. You did good! I did ok, I'm trying to go grocery shopping once every 2 weeks, and I went last week and spent $39, so I'm over for the month.

  2. Wow! Great shopping this week. Congrats on the guest blogger spot on Grocery Cart Challenge. I will be featured on Friday. So glad I am in such good company.

  3. Thanks for Linking Up this Friday at Pounds4Pennies.