Wednesday, September 28, 2011

$50 Grocery Challenge - Spent $49.35

It has been a really busy week and I just didn't feel like going to more than one store. I was lazy today and just went to Costco since I only needed a few items. It helped remind me why I don't shop regularly at Costco. I got 6 items this week for my grocery money - 6 ITEMS! I can't believe it. Well, in case you think we are only eating lemons and clementines and drinking orange juice and eating cheese and butter, I am putting some pictures of my very full freezers so you know there will be more variety in our diet than it looks. Usually our freezers are much more organized, but I have just been putting in whatever I freeze and will deal with it after it snows and I have more time for inside things.

Costco trip breakdown:

6.79 Lemons
11.59 Tropicana Orange Juice - 4 pack
7.99 Clementines
5.65 Mozz. Loaf 2#
9.84 Romano Cheese
7.49 Organic Butter - 2 pack OUCH!

Total: $49.35

How was your shopping this week? Did you get some good deals or stay in your budget? Link up and share!

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