Saturday, August 13, 2011

Simple Savings: Finding Extra Money

We recently helped one of our sons move, and when his apartment passes the cleaning check, he should get his deposit back.  Sometimes people don't bother cleaning to get back that month's worth of rent money.  It doesn't take that much effort to do the job for the deposit.  There are other things we may not be doing that we could.  If you have kids driving, are you taking advantage of good driver discounts?  If your car is older, have you checked into dropping some of the coverage since the car may not be worth the amount of insurance money you pay in a year?  When buying things, do you check ahead of time to see what a good price is and if there is a coupon to save you money?  Have you checked with the competitor's prices when booking a hotel?  We had a wedding a few days ago and stayed in a hotel.  Our cousins stayed in a different hotel that cost less per night than the normal price of the one we stayed in.  (I actually got the equivalent of 9 free nights for our stay)  We needed one more room for one night and the hotel was willing to match the price that our cousin's got.  Think of places where you can save money. 

What are some ways that you find hidden money?

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