Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August Clutter and Junk Food Challenge Update

I have been good about getting rid of 25 things per day.  I post my progress regularly on The Dollar Stretcher.  I wasn't sure if I could keep it going this long.  I found some MRE meals we had bought for emergencies and my husband is VERY happy to get rid of them so they will help me make it through most of this week.  I still have 2 Christmas buckets and snow gear I haven't gone through yet as well as the garage.  I don't think there is much there.  I may be getting rid of nails and screws at the end of the month to get my 25 per day.

As for the Junk Food challenge, we are trying not to buy any junk food this month.  We have had a few slips.  On Aug. 1, my daughter went out with friends and had some ice cream.  She forgot about the challenge since we had just started and would have gone without if she had remembered.  While we were on a trip, I was really looking at the single serving potato chips when we got some sandwiches and my husband had pity on my and bought them.  I only ate 1/3 to 1/2 half of the package since I felt guilty!  Yesterday I bought my daughter's favorite brownie mix when we were shopping together and totally forgot about the challenge.  The fourth thing was that we bought a 39 cent piece of candy so I could save $10 off my order.  We were a little shy of the spend $30 to save $10, so I bought the piece of candy to put us over so we could save the extra money.  I bet most people would have done the same thing. 

Are you trying to declutter or not buy junk food?  Do you have other challenges you are working on this month?  Link up and share!

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