Friday, August 5, 2011

August Challenge: Get Rid of 25 Things a Day!

After working on the kitchen cupboards, I decided to do some easy rooms.  The guest room usually doesn't have a lot extra things in it.  I did go through my sewing basket and craft supplies.  I haven't done the scrapbooking supplies yet, but my daughter wanted to do that.  It is really nice to know that I can clean this room in less than 10 minutes dusting and vacuuming.  I pared down my wrapping supplies.  There weren't too many to start with, but I am starting to give gift cards which are easier to send and I don't have to deal with all the wrapping paper that way.  I went to the guest bathroom next, and went through every drawer and cupboard.  There was nothing to get rid of.  It was all exactly how I wanted it.  Cleaning the bathroom will also be a breeze and won't take much time.

Today I am going to clean out the outside of the kitchen cabinets and wipe down the kitchen table and chairs and counters.  I am going to clean the floor and the glass door.  All the cupboards are clean inside and there isn't anything outdated or anything that I don't need or use.  It is a good feeling!

Join me in the challenge any time you would like to join in.  You only have to get rid of 25 things a day!  If that is too much for you, then change it to what works for you.  I knew if I did 25 things a day, that it would force me to get rid of some of the things I like but don't use.

The lists of what I get rid of each day can be found at The Dollar Stretcher


  1. This is what I plan on doing once the kids start back to school. With a two year old it is nearly impossible to clean anything. I usually like to take everything out and put it back how I want it. Then what is left over needs to find a new home either trash or donate.

  2. That's a great idea to take eveything out! It has been a busy month for us. Maybe in the future I will try doing it that way instead of just finding 25 items per day.