Friday, August 12, 2011

$50 Grocery Challenge - Why do we do it?

We had a friend over for dinner a few days ago, and in our conversation he said that he thought that my husband didn't make very much money because I was spending $50 per week on groceries.  I could spend a lot more if I wanted to.  The reason I am doing this, is because I found out that the average amount of money in food stamps for a family of four was around $200-$225 per month.  I decided then that I would try to prove that a family of four could eat balanced healthy meals on that budget.  That is why I am doing this challenge.  I have saved a lot of money the past two years, and that is a nice benefit, but the real reason I did it was to show that someone could live on a welfare allotment and eat healthy meals.  We are down to three people at home now, but I am sticking to the $50 for now since I am used to spending that amount. 

I didn't post my grocery shopping this week because I was out of town for my oldest son's wedding.  I will post again starting next Wednesday.  Thanks for your patience!

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