Wednesday, August 17, 2011

$50 Grocery Challenge - Spent $44.39

For some reason, my money this week seemed to stretch.  I even bought some meat with extra money.  I think this happened since we are eating lots of lettuce and raspberries and eating leftover bread from the 31 days of bread in July.  We still have frozen milk left for about another month.  That has been really helpful too.

The picture is sideways again.  I don't know what the deal is.  Maybe I should learn how to use my camera!


1.50    Organic cut corn - frozen
1.25    Tomatoes
1.07    Mushrooms
  .62    Yellow Onions
1.98    (2) Cream Cheese 1/3 less fat
3.22    Chipotle Hot Sauce
  .79    Black Beans
1.38    (2) packages of carrots
  .07    Jalapeno pepper
  .69    Green Pepper
1.34    (3) peaches
  .92    Broccoli
1.23    Cantaloupe
1.76    Hidden Valley Ranch Powder - this was a shocker!  I usually get it on sale for close to $1 but we  have so much lettuce so I couldn't wait.
2.99    Organic Local Farm Fresh Eggs
  .31    Peanuts from the bulk section
1.37    Bananas
  .39    Buttermilk - mini carton
3.39    Oyster sauce
3.17    Andouille Sausage
1.79    Tilamook Sour Cream
1.78    Italian Sausage - Mild
1.84    Italian Sausage - Hot
1.96    Italian Sausage - Mild
4.04    Boneless, Skinless chicken breasts
3.54    Boneless, Skinless chicken breasts

Grand Total:  $44.39 

How was your shopping trip this week?  Did you get some great deals?  Did you stay in your budget?
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  1. Your breads look amazing! Great job. We are such suckers for fresh bread. Are you using a bread machine? Hubby and I have been considering purchasing one

  2. I have a kitchen aid that has bread hooks. I don't like the bread machines that mix it and cook it. But, they are better than store bought I guess. I sometimes mix it by hand too. I would see if you could borrow whatever machine you are wanting to purchase from someone and try it for a week to see if it is something that works for you before purchasing. You can also go to garage sales or check on Craigslist to get a used one to make sure you would use it enough to purchase a new one in the future. I love fresh homemade bread too. It is one of the simple pleasaures in life.

  3. That's so funny about the sideways picture! Why does technology need to be so tricky? Great shopping trip and I agree on the Hidden Valley - I can't believe it is so expensive at regular price!

  4. Very nice! I don't have the kitchen aid since i don't bake much from scratch but sounds like it comes in so handy for so many things. 31 days of bread is such a great idea!