Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What's for Dinner Tonight? Spinach Pies

I taught my teenager how to make spinach pies today.  We had some frozen spinach left and this is the most palatable way to use it.  We browned some onions and garlic in olive oil and added the spinach, a little bit of tahini, allspice, pepper, salt, and feta cheese.  We put in lots of feta.  We were able to make enough for two meals.  Even though we didn't count the dough as our bread for the day, it has been fun to work with my daughter and teach her how to make different kinds of bread.  I wanted to have potatoes so I used some bread crumbs in the freezer, parmesan cheese, parsley, fresh garlic, and a few other seasonings.  You can use a bowl with a lid to put the potatoes in and pour the olive oil over them.  Put the lid on top and shake.  Then add the seasonings, put the lid on again and shake.  Put into a buttered pan and cook until they are done. 

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