Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Simple Savings: Check Your Bills

One thing we have done to find extra money, is to simply check our bills.  For example, our son left for college last month.  After he left, we checked with our car insurance company and found out that we can save between 10-20 dollar per month just because he is away at school and doesn't have a car.  As kids get older, car insurance prices go down and the insurance company doesn't always change things unless you call.  Check your  credit card bills, too.  See if they charged you fees that they shouldn't.  If you pay your bills on regularly on time, they will sometimes erase a late fee every 6 months to a year if you slip up one time.  Check your home insurance to see if your deductibles are what you want them to be.  Check your phone bill to see just what you are being charged for and if that is what you want it to be.  It is worth the few minutes it takes!

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