Saturday, June 11, 2011

Simple Savings: Garage Sales: Buy used from a list!

I spent yesterday going through my closet and cleaning things out and today I went to a couple of garage sales.  I love being out in the open air instead of cooped up in a mall.  It may seem counterproductive, but I will explain.  After talking to my daughter, we agreed that it is too easy to buy a lot at garage sales.  But, we also believe that besides buying clothes at great prices, you are also helping to recycle clothing and that is a good thing.  I spent $9 for all of the items in the picture above.  I had a list in my mind and went looking for specific things and passed up a lot of deals that I didn't need.  I know that my favorite 16 month old, Mason, doesn't need 3 snow suits.  They are all Columbia brand and I got them for $1 each and they are in great condition.  Two are size 2T and one is a 3T.  And if they don't want or need them, they can easily be resold at a second hand store for much, much more than I paid for them.  I find that when I buy good name brands, there is a high likelihood that they can be resold.  So, by the end of the summer, I actually make enough money on the unwanted items to pay for anything I bought at garage sales through the summer.  Most of other clothes I bought in the picture were all brands like Gymboree, Baby Gap, etc and were 50 cents each.  There was also a giraffe costume in excellent condition for only $1.  Garage sales can save you tons of money but they take time and gas and you really have to be careful not to bring too much home or you will clutter your house or waste money buying more than you need.  I could get enough clothes for a year for one person for 50 dollars or less if I bought them at garage sales.  You can't even buy one name brand snow suit for much that where I live.  Before you go, make a list so you look for the things you need. 

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