Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Living Green - One Step at a Time

I am really trying to make the effort to live a greener lifestyle.  Some things I am currently doing are:

Using cloth napkins - this was hard at first, but I really like cloth napkins now and don't like using paper napkins any more.  They don't absorb as well as the cloth.  The cloth is also softer.

Using plastic containers instead of Ziploc bags.  This has been a challenge for me.  I was used to putting things in plastic bags and then throwing them away when I was finished.  I really hate to wash plastic bags, even though we have done it.  It was easier just to skip using the bags instead of having to wash them.  I have saved money too.  I know plastic containers are not the best and that I probably should be using glass, but I am looking at the glass half full and focusing on the fact that I don't waste a lot of Ziploc bags any more and save money in the process. 

We are trying to be more vigilant about recycling.  I don't like washing out Peanut Butter jars or Campbell's cream of soup cans and would just throw those away.  But, I am thinking twice before I throw anything away and checking to see if it can be recycled first. 

What are some things that you do to move towards a greener lifestyle?  Link up and share your ideas so we can try them too!

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