Friday, May 13, 2011

Changes to Blog

It has been a while since I have posted anything, and I probably won't be doing a lot until the beginning of June because of a wedding coming up.  There will be two people posting starting in June.  We will both be doing the $50 challenge per week.  I am going to continue the $5 pantry challenge and What's for Dinner?  A new addition will be comparing name brand items to store brand items showing pictures and giving reviews.  I will even compare them to homemade items if I have a good recipe that I like.  I will also be doing a review through the Dollar Stretcher and open up the opportunity for people to send in their own reviews about name brands and store brands they have tried. 

I will not be doing a lot with coupons.  I see their value in areas where you can double and triple coupon, but where I live we rarely even get coupons in our paper and most of the coupons I get are online.  There are plenty of other blogs that deal with coupons and deals.   I will still watch ads and get things on sale, but my focus is on the things in the paragraph above. 

I am excited for the changes ahead, and changing the blog to Spendwise Moms.  Thanks for your patience as I get through this busy time.

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