Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Challah Bread - Perfect for Easter!

My kids LOVE Challah bread.  I have tried a few recipes, but haven't found one that I really like.  Today I decided to try two more in hopes of one being one I like.  The first recipe is a lighter bread and only used one egg.  I think it looks good and tasted fine.  That egg wash you put on makes it hard to get out of the pan and makes it brown easier, even with foil on top for part of the time.If you look closely, you can see cracks in the bread from when I tried to get it out of the pan. 

The second recipe had 4 egg yolks and was much more dense.  It ended up rising nicely, but I think I cooked it a little too long.  I liked the taste better on this one.  I think a combination of the two would give me the bread I want.  We have a bakery in town that makes Challah, but their bread is like a french bread with lots of sugar.  If any of you have a good Challah recipe, please let me know!  I would love to try it. 

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