Saturday, July 3, 2010

All You Grocery Challenge - Week 2 Menu

Here we go again copying my Excel file.  It  will show one meal for the week at a time.  (breakfasts, lunches, dinners)  The meals are in order of the days we had them.  (Sunday through Saturday)

27-Jun Hilton Garden Inn - omelete, 

fresh pineapple, blueberries, hash 

browns, sausage, muffins

28-Jun scrambled eggs and cheese, hash

browns, pineapple-orange juice,


29-Jun Oatmeal w/frozen raspberries from 

garden, cold cereal or muffins, 

orange-pineapple juice, bananas

30-Jun Oatmeal or cold cereal, bananas,

orange juice

1-Jul Breakfast burritos w/ leftover tortillas

or cereal, bananas or canned pineapple

2-Jul WW pancakes w/ peanut butter & jelly

or syrup, cantelope

3-Jul apple oat coffee cake

peaches & milk

canned apricots from 2008

orange juice

leftover pancakes and banana muffins

ham on wheat pita bread, string cheese,
lorna doone cookies, blueberries

frozen pizza rolls (free), oatmeal muffins, 
leftover chinese food, applesauce

homemade Challah bread, hummus,
salad w/ feta, tomatoes and lettuce

BBQ turkey or frozen tornados (free),
apples, carrots, fig newtons

Corn and cheddar enchiladas, red
grapes, yellow cake and ice cream

Egg Salad on Challah bread, apples, 

none- we ate breakfast really late

Wanchai Ferry Sweet and Sour Chicken

leftover pita bread, hummus,
strawberries, grapes

Fried potatoes and onions, eggs, cheese, 
green grapes, 

Tacos w/ homemade tortillas, beans,
lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, salsa, green 

Choice of leftovers: hummus, BBQ turkey
sausage, breakfast burritos, apples, kiwis,
Danimals yogurt 

Leftover cheese & corn enchiladas, 
salad, banana muffins

potato-broccoli soup
homemade french dimpled rolls
shared sandwich for date w/ husband

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