Monday, April 12, 2010

50 dollar Grocery Challenge

This past week I spent $48.50 on groceries.  I was grateful to get some free food along with that to boost up storage and have more money for fresh produce.  I am tired of feeling restricted with the $50 per week, but it provides plenty of food and nutrition.  I just want the pineapple, kiwis, etc. and sometimes those are more expensive. 

I did spend some extra money to buy some special food for my son's birthday.  It didn't come out of the budget but from selling some things I didn't want.  So, if you consider that money, I went out of the budget, but I think I am going to continue doing special things for Holidays and spending a little more.  A budget is a plan and guideline, it is not supposed to be a restriction.  I may just skip this and go back to 65 dollars if I feel pinched, but I have learned a lot from trying this challenge.  We will see what the next week brings, whether I want to continue this challenge or not.  The biggest challenge for me is not being able to buy in bulk.  By buying in bulk, you save lots of money so it is a very good idea.  But, if you are trying to eat lots of fresh produce and buy in bulk, it is hard on 50 per week, especially when our food prices are higher here in a small town.

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