Saturday, February 20, 2010

25 Dollar Grocery Challenge - Menu for Saturday

We are over the hump for the challenge week of using only 25 dollars of food to feed the four of us.  Yesterday CVS sent me a survey and I could get 10 ECB if I did it, so I did it right away and we spent the ECB on milk, eggs, rootbeer and a few other things.  The free food was nice to have and will make things easier the next few days.  I don't think I could have made it through the week on 25 dollars without coupons and the free food we got from the surveys from CVS and Albertson's.  Every dollar helps!  Here is our menu for the day.

Feb. 20
oatmeal (1 cup) 0.1
home canned peaches 0.25
pecans from a neighbor 0
orange juice (free) 0
leftover pancakes 0

1/2 tortilla recipe 0.2
egg salad w/ free eggs 0.1
applesauce (frozen from garden) 0.04
lettuce bought w/coupon 0.29
carrots - free 0
small tomato on sale 0.25
1/2 bag teddy grahams 0.25
All bran crackers 0.19

goulash w/ meat on sale 1.16
potatoes - 2 lbs.  0.2
carrots 0
canned tomatoes on sale 0.25
part of onion 0.15
1/4 roll recipe 0.1


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