Friday, January 29, 2010

Freezer Cooking Day

Tonight one of our freezers will finally be empty.  This past month we have eaten a lot of the food so we can rotate it.  I was also trying to feed us on 7 dollars a day and it is very hard to get 5 fruits and vegetables for 4 people on that amount of money without using the frozen fruits and veggies that we froze from our garden.  Now that I have an empty freezer, I will start small and make the following:

2 lasagnas
4 loaves of wheat bread
1 1/2 dozen french rolls
Chicken and 3 soup rice

I need to get the freezer stocked with meals since I will be leaving next month to help with our first grand baby.  Meals will be very easy while I am gone if I get some made ahead and frozen.

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