Thursday, January 7, 2010

50 Dollars a Week Grocery Challenge

Today we started the day off with orange juice, cold cereal and yogurt with mixed berries.  I only used two yogurts to share so I could stay within the 7 dollar budget for the day.  We had leftovers for lunch with apples and a choice of treat that was left over.  For dinner, we had pesto, mixed veggies and applesauce.  We split bananas for a snack and enjoyed pop tarts that I got for 16 cents.  Total for today was 6.98.  The following are the totals for the week of January 1-7:

Friday 6.86
Saturday 6.99
Sunday 7.00
Monday 6.96
Tuesday 6.88
Wednesday 6.89
Thursday 6.98

Total for the week was $48.56.  I find that I just need to use less of something if we want to have it or eat less of it, but we can still have most everything we want.  Instead of scrambling 6-8 eggs without thinking about it, we do 2-4.  We have 4 oz. of juice instead of 8.  We use less meat.  There are so many deals out there if you just take some time to look.  If I can do it, anyone can.

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