Tuesday, January 5, 2010

50 Dollars a Week Grocery Challenge

Monday I spent a total of 6.96 on food.  Today I have budgeted 6.88.  For breakfast we had breakfast burritos with leftover tortillas from yesterday, leftover cheese, free eggs and I spent a dollar for ham on sale.  We also had 4 ounces of orange juice that was on sale which totaled 19 cents for all of us.  We also had grapefruit halves that were on sale for 33 cents per grapefruit.  Grand total for breakfast is 1.85.  Lunch is leftover bagels and cream cheese from yesterday, apples, carrots and leftover brownies.  Lunch total is 1.21.  Dinner is two bacon wrapped Chef Requested steaks bought on sale with a coupon for 98 cents, free potatoes gleaned in the fall, sour cream (22 cents for 1/2 cup), butter (3 Tablespoons @5 cents per tablespoon), cauliflower ($1.75) and French rolls (47 cents).  Total for dinner is 3.57.  I also have 2 pieces of chocolate on sale (10 cents) and a handful of chips (19 cents) that we will have for snacks.  That makes the grand total of 6.88.  I am getting used to planning meals carefully and it is getting much easier.  If it really is true that the average amount a family of four gets in food stamps is between 215 and 225 dollars, then I think it is very possible to eat well balanced meals if you are careful when you shop, careful planning meals and spending, careful with proper portions and don't waste food.  Making your own bread makes such a difference when you are trying to save money.  I can make a double batch of French rolls for 19 cents, 23 cents for a batch of 8 medium sized bagels, and 35 cents to make 16 tortillas.    

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