Thursday, August 11, 2022

My Friend Amanda: She paid off $160,000 in Two Years!

 I have to write this post because I have been amazed at one of my friends.  She is a well-educated Chinese woman who came to the USA to study.  She lives so frugally, that I asked her if she needed some help with food.  Little did I know at the time, what a smart woman she was.  She has worked low paying jobs for the last two years, working up to 80 hours a week just to get her house paid off.  Now, she has no debt whatsoever.  Isn't that amazing.  I am so impressed with her work ethic.  She gets used clothes, and has picked up furniture off the street.  People would think, by watching her habits, that she was very poor.  But, the opposite is true.  I overheard her telling her daughter not to waste money on school lunch.  I assumed that they couldn't afford it, but once again that was not the case.  She just thought it was overpriced and wasn't worth it.  She has beautiful flowers around her home that she either got for free, for a really cheap price, or grew them from seeds from the year before.  She has plants that people have shared with her.  She is such a hard worker and it has paid off for her.  I am so happy for her.  It took us about 15 years to pay off our house.  I am grateful for people like her that inspire me to do a little better.  

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