Saturday, November 21, 2020

October Update: No Sugar Challenge

I saw this dove as I sat in my chair by our front window.  With all the challenges people are facing this year, I am grateful for the simple sign of peace that the dove represents.  I am also grateful to be alive yet another day.  With Covid raging around us, so many do not have that privilege.  

 Last month, we did a no sugar challenge.  It has been a few weeks now, and I have found that I don't have the desire to have sugar much any more and I also don't snack as much.  I didn't think it would make that much difference, but it sure has with my ability to have self control over what I eat.  I am so glad I did the challenge and feel so much better.  It seemed kind of crazy to do something like that in October, the month of Halloween, but it has helped me to have a good start going into the holidays.  It seems like we have gained weight every year around the holidays and this year I think will be different.  We will still enjoy ourselves, but definitely cut back on all of the junk.  It isn't worth the effort it takes to lose the weight afterwards.  It is easier to just keep it off.  

With our challenge to exercise 5 times a week this month, that has also helped to develop good habits coming into the holiday season as well.  I think twice before I eat certain things because I know it will take time and effort to burn the calories.  So, while it seems strange to do an exercise challenge in November, it has been another great step towards staying healthy during the holidays.  

Hope you are all staying healthy and well.  The other day, when I picked up my groceries at the store, I realized that everyone can bless us no matter what kind of job they may have.  The kind receptionist at the doctor's office, the helpful front desk clerk at the hotel, the smile I get from Nick who puts my groceries in my trunk, and the people who take my trash each week.  They all bless my life.  Although none of their jobs may sound glamorous, they do a great service to others.  Everyone plays a significant part in other's lives and are important regardless of whether the job is glamorous or not.

So, thank you to all of you who bless my life.

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